Donations for home for animals Gandia


 Of course we do have a certain income due to our contracts with the local communities. On the other side we have to take care of all dogs and
cats are found on the streets and those are abandoned by their owners.
All these animals needs injections against parasites and worms. We try as well to sterilize the females and the males.
Afurtunately our financial ability is limited. The running costs for the home for animals are tremendous.
We should have the double amount on employies for cleaning and maintaining.
Just to feed 400 dogs and more than 100 cats is so expensive. Additional costs for medicine, operations, teeth care and so on needs a lot more money than we could cover with our contracts.

So we are depending on your donations.
Even the smallest amount could help.
below you 'll find our account.
Just a little information more: actually our animals need 180 kg food a day!!!!
Thank you so much for your help



S.P.A.M.A. Safor

in Spain:

2038 9615 5 1 6000395383



IBAN ES13 2038 9615 5160 0039 5383




PS. Germanies, 22

46701 Gandia


S.P.A.M.A. Safor
Camino de la Banyosa
46728 Gandia

Tel.: 626 390 567