Adoption for a cat or dog out of the Shelter of Gandia

you like to give a new home to an animal?
Please think a minute or two about. Wether it is a dog or a cat it is a lifetime job.
It will affect your life constantly. Holidays, a dinner date or you just feel sick.....
there is always your animal waiting. It must be feeded, walked or in another way
It is not a cheap pleasure as well. Food and leads, toys and bracelets and when its getting
older, may be you need medicin or a vet.
Think about the fact, that ist is a decision for years and years. It is like a baby. You should
educate and make shure that the animal will be a part of your family.
If after all you are shure that you are prepared to give the animal a new home in which it could live
happy, then visit us or e-mail us.
We are very glad to help and assist you.

S.P.A.M.A. Safor
Camino de la Banyosa
46728 Gandia

Tel.: 626 390 567