S.P.A.M.A. Safor

S.P.A.M.A is an established Spanish registered charity.

S.P.A.M.A is an established registered Spanish Charity

The shelter in Gandia is situated north of the Costa Blanca, on the Costa de Azahar

Currently the shelter is home for approx. 300 dogs and 120 cats.

Unfortunately we are located outside of the tourist areas, therefore it is difficult for people to offer their help.

Our shelter is absolutely overcrowded.

A lot of our dogs are 5, 6, 7, or even 8 years in the kennels. Many of them know nothing more than the shelter, never having seen the real world.

SPAMA has fought against the law to put down animals after a certain length of time; we believe they should all live.  However, living at the shelter in a kennel is not the best of alternatives, they need loving homes.

Please help us to find new homes for the animals.

A donation, whether financial, food, bedding or personal help at the shelter is always very welcome. 

Thank you so much

S.P.A.M.A. Safor
Camino de la Banyosa
46728 Gandia



Tel.: 626 390 567